Minimal Corsetry – development

Hmm, if I pursue this idea and like it, I’m going to need to think of a name for it…

As you can see above, the most recent thought I had for “minimal corsetry” was to employ lacing where one might normally have a gore. This would also give the corset a degree of adjustability through the hip which could be an interesting premise for made-to-order standard-sized pieces. As with the Goldcrests and Phoenixes (underbust versions of the Birds Wing, in development), I would hope to put forward something different in the world of standard-sized corsetry, otherwise where’s the point? And part of that is coming up with designs which have more “flex” or simplicity or lightness than usual, so as to suit a wide variety of figures and to accommodate for the wearer’s weight fluctuations more easily.

The lacing, of course, is to allow for the curve which we lose in reducing the number of panels/seams. If you cut the above half-toile into two simple shapes, you would struggle to get them laying flat without losing all of the curve through the hip, etc.

See how the curve crumples up at the hip.

The two main shapes, above, are a good starting point.

The hip is then slashed to the front and back of the side seam (you can see that by this point I had diverged from the original sketched idea of only one laced slash).

The slashes are cut into vague triangles until the piece lays flat.

Propped up around some pattern weights, you can see how the hip opens up for lacing. The overall silhouette will still be rather conical through the rib and flat through the bust though, but that is an aesthetic that I love (conical rib, flattened bust, round generous hip).

The two pieces. So that would give four panels total to the corset. I can foresee some stumbling blocks, but would love to explore this idea further if I get the time (maybe next month, it’s not like it’s a design that will be very labour intensive!). Perhaps it will prove too flattened and stylised for a standard-sized overbust, but maybe if could be cut down into an underbust quite nicely.

2 thoughts on “Minimal Corsetry – development

  1. This reminds me of the patent I made up for a FR article a while back – it really surprised me how comfortable it was and what a nice shape it gave.Excited to see how you develop it 🙂



    1. Ah, that’s interesting Lucy! Do you have the link, I cannot remember it and would love to see.

      Yes, I’m excited to see where this goes. Might not work like I want it to, but it’ll be interesting finding out 😉


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