Delayed gratification

I love sharing snapshots of my work as I go along. I often can’t even wait until the thing is finished, it’s too much anticipation! Holding back on images and news is the exact opposite of my natural inclination.

None-the-less, I cannot tell you what we were up to today. New assistant Holly polished off her first week’s employment with a half-shift this morning, whilst my lovely friend Glo (of InaGlo Photography) was over to document everything we worked on. I cannot tell you why, and I cannot share teaser images, but I shall say that a productive day was had and I am now exhausted.

It’s always lovely (and tiring) being surrounded by skilled, creative people. I tend to oscillate between chattiness and silence, but when Glo’s around we rarely shut up. It was fun this afternoon as the tables were turned to normal… usually it’s interns asking me about corsetmaking, today it was me chatting with Glo about photography. As with all arts, the topic is vast, technical, and interesting, and much of it goes over my head. But what a delight, to talk to people with passion.

More top secret work again tomorrow, wonderful!


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