Bath Aftermath

What a wonderful day of enthused study, conversation, brainstorming, and general loveliness. Bath is, as one might expect, beautiful, and the corsetry kept at the museum was gorgeously intricate, unusual and interesting, as all antique corsetry generally proves to be. Of course, we also studied the 1997 Mr Pearl, which was lovely. 

Copyright Bath Fashion Museum. 
Copyright Bath Fashion Museum. 

I am completely exhausted now, of course, so I’ll write more tomorrow or over the weekend. For now, I shall just say that it was lovely to see everyone and that I feel renewed in terms of ideas and possibilities. The wonderful thing about antique corsets is that they often achieve certain details that you *cannot* achieve well without breaking some of the typical “rules” of contemporary corsetry. I try to bend and break rules quite frequently anyway, so a couple of the pieces I saw today really inspired me to return to one of two ideas in particular and push that a bit further. 

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