Canals and cameras and computers

We went for a walk by the canal yesterday afternoon. My head was full of emails and plans and budgets and secret blog posts, so some fresh air was much appreciated! When you begin taking photos through the window, you know you need to get outside…

Took the old Fuji to continue playing/learning, but the batteries died very quickly (as always).

I think I have established the camera I would like to get once I can justify the expense… Based partly on paying attention to how and when I take photographs. Essentially, as this is a re-emerging hobby, it needs to be “fit for purpose”, so lightweight, small, nifty, with wi-fi, and the ability to play (ie: change lens), etc. Because when something isn’t a joy to use, or isn’t small enough to have with you, then you just won’t use it.

Birmingham is an odd mix of beautiful and ugly. I do love the canals though.

John and I would still love to live aboard at some point.

I suppose it’s strange to feel content near water, if one didn’t grow up by the sea. We do have a small stream running by my childhood home though, perhaps that’s it.

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