Life behind the brand…

Would you like to see more?
Would you like to see more?

How exciting! I have very recently launched a new idea for Sparklewren, and the response so far has been lovely 🙂

I receive lots emails from many lovely people (designers new to corsetry, fashion/costume students, fellow corsetmakers), who all seem to want one thing: an insight into how unusual, creative, businesses run.

Life Behind the Brand (a private, subscription based blog) will go some way to revealing how Sparklewren functions, hopefully answering those questions. The challenges and successes… the thoughts and feelings… the technical experiments and aesthetic collisions… In fact, I am positive that you will find much of value there, nuggets of technique amongst personal reflections, and I do hope you will assist me in the continued development of Sparklewren by engaging with the blog and therefore contributing to its growth. 

I have created Life Behind the Brand as a trial-run for now and am already being told I’ve pitched my price too low for the type of content involved… In which case, I hope that you will find it exceptionally good value and feel compelled to spread the word to anyone who may be interested 🙂

Samio Olowu in the Gilded Leopard corset, by InaGlo Photography, 2012.
Samio Olowu in the Gilded Leopard corset, by InaGlo Photography, 2012.

I will update at least once a week with whatever ideas, projects, etc. I’m working through at the time, including some business and money issues, so that you can see what life behind the Sparklewren is really like.

Short answer: challenging but joyous.

Long answer: you’ll have to sign up to see…

So thank you muchly to all those who have already joined me in my ramblings and studies. It is a great pleasure to have you along and a privilege to be able to share the more secret aspects of my work with you…

Do spread the word!


Please note that to make admin of members manageable, every new subscription goes from the 1st of the month. Eg: your first (discounted) payment will cover whatever is left of the current month when you sign-up, with any following payments coming out on the first of every subsequent month. Thanks!

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