Ooh, so I have just received this XC lens from Fuji, as part of their May special offer for buying the X-E1…


…but I may sell it on straight away. Should give it a test run really, but what I *actually* want is the 60mm macro (equivalent to around 91mm on a 35mm camera).


The zoom is pretty hefty and I can’t quite imagine when I would use it. Will have a short play in the studio and have a think. Being XC rather than XF, it doesn’t have the aperture ring, which apparently makes it lighter but I’d really rather be able to set my aperture that way. That strikes me as a big part of the charm of these cameras, after all. Plus, the zoom only goes to f/4.5 whilst the macro goes to f/2.4, and I just think I’d actually use that lens more (close-ups of my work, and such).

Anyway, will think on. May sell the zoom and put the monies towards the macro, or may just keep it and save up for the macro separately.

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