The Swan – a bespoke bridal commission

Recently, a very beautiful bride was married in glorious sunshine near white sands…

Lovely Brenda found Sparklewren when we were still in the Great Western Arcade (our pop-up boutique) and though I focus on corseted gowns her ideas were so lovely that she managed to talk me into working with her on a floaty-light piece. Being a design graduate herself, Brenda is very creative, very open to ideas, and very trusting in the process. Precisely the perfect sort of client for Sparklewren.

The Swan is the result, a gown that we worked closely on, with many fittings, careful consideration of embellishment, etc. etc. Made of layers of silk georgette and couture lace appliqué, this piece was a joy to create.

We wish every happiness to Brenda and will share images from the day soon. In the meantime, here are just a couple of the dreamy pictures that we made together in the Sparklewren showroom.

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