Winter Party – Sample Sale Schedule

Finished most of the party preparations today, and we have decided to stretch the sample sale fun out over the whole weekend!

So, all our ready-to-wear corsets will be available with 50% off at the party tomorrow night. Any remaining pieces will then be listed online at a 30% discount on Saturday. This will drop to a 10% discount on the Sunday, with any remaining pieces then returning to their standard prices from the 1st December onwards.

The selection of corsets is rather varied, with a few different shapes, silhouettes and sizes available. Lots of pretties to try on! Some of which are rather quirky, such as the diagonally-seamed double-busked piece shown in the image below…

The central panel of the blue-grey corset on the right is actually removable. Giving a quirky look and the ability to increase the corset’s size by 1″.

Do keep your eyes peeled! We would recommend bookmarking our Art Corsetry page, as this is where we list the ready-to-ship pieces. In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying these crisp autumn evenings with some mulled wine and good food.

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