I recently photographed one of our completed bespoke corsets using some coloured light. Part of the result was that in some shots the busk appeared to be a pink colour!

You may learn more about this bespoke corset on the couture corsetry page.
You may learn more about this bespoke corset on the couture corsetry page.

Whilst I don’t recall ever seeing a pink busk in real life, I have seen other colours… Classic black, of course, is available from a couple of suppliers (including Vena Cava and Sew Curvy in the UK), silver is common (naturally, this is somewhat the default option) and gold-plated is pretty easy to get hold of (which is delicious and great for some projects). I think I have seen copper from a US supplier once before, and you can even get crystal studded busks!

But now, there are a few new colours available… My friend Nikki at Narrowed Visions has developed a selection of colours in collaboration with a metalworkers and the results are ace. The finish remains metallic, with the red and blue options being my personal favourites. The red is just very rich without being too bright or too dark, just gorgeous. It works especially well with the black and red spot broche coutil, as you can see in one of Nikki’s famous “Sanakor” historically-inspired corsets…

Two glorious “Sanakor” corsets by Narrowed Visions. The red busk (right) is gorgeous… Photograph taken by myself at my Birmingham studio.

The blue, likewise, has a sort of darkly electric quality to the colour which I really love. I had wanted blue busks a few years ago but didn’t get very far in my research. Clever Nikki has now done the ground-work for all of us who are interested in coloured busks, and as you can order them in either narrow or wide, in a range of sizes, they’re a perfect option for the bespoke corsetmaker.

So, if you make corsets, do give these a look. Or if you are planning a commission, keep in mind that there might be a coloured busk out there suitable for your project. Something to clash or disappear into the fashion fabric. I’m really looking forward to working with a couple of these colours, just waiting for the right project to come along.

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