Some FAQs

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I pay by installments? Yes, but no more than three. To arrange payment by installments contact Jenni directly: 
  • Can you offer me a discount? Unfortunately not. Our prices reflect the true cost of creating our work.
  • Do you do “alternative” or colourful bridal? Absolutely! Please take a look at our “bridal” page for inspiration and message us with your ideas.
  • Will I be able to breathe in my corset? I’ve had corsets before that were uncomfortable… We focus on bespoke corsetry. As such, comfort is something we discuss with you during the fitting process. Comfort is a very personal thing, but the basic rule is this: if you feel any pain or strong discomfort, loosen your corset then after a little while remove it. Take it slowly, learn what your body is like.
  • Can I waist-train in your corsets? Most of our corsets are not designed for waist-training. We do have a waist-training style that we turn to when needed (a single-layer of coutil with exterior casings), but please note that plain waist-training corsetry is not our focus and we are currently prioritising a more couture aesthetic. 
  • Can I specify the type of steel, fabric, etc. that you use? Usually not. We have spent over seven years assessing our preferred ways of making couture corsetry and have settled upon certain options for good reason. Perfectly wonderful corsets can be made using all manner of materials, but not every material is appropriate to every style. Be lead by your artist’s existing portfolio. Whoever you commission, you must work on the assumption that they have their preferred methods for a reason. For a different style, employ a different artist.
  • Could you recreate this historical corset for me? We would certainly be interested to try! Send us your inspiration images and we will see what we can do.
  • Could you recreate this contemporary corset/gown for me? No, we will not replicate another designer’s work. You are welcome to send us inspiration images to describe your overall requirements (we understand that it can often be easier to point to a bust-line and say “like this!” than to describe it accurately), but please don’t ask us to do a direct copy.
  • Could you recreate one of your own corsets/gowns for me? To an extent. We will not 100% replicate an existing client’s design as that is a special piece for them. But we will merrily reference our own portfolio and specific design details, bringing influences together into something with the same flavour… but uniquely created for you.
  • What do you think of mass-produced corsetry/bridal? Manufactured corsetry/bridal is a different beast to bespoke or indie work, but that doesn’t make it “bad”. Often, for the price and variety available, it is very “good”. We certainly don’t look down on inexpensive products. There are buyers for every type of corset/gown and we don’t feel it is appropriate to judge or belittle one type over another. Live and let live. Ethical factory practices, etc. are a different issue and we would advise any buyer to research where their goods come from.
  • Can you repair/alter/embellish a corset/gown for me? Usually these sorts of projects are highly impractical (ie: it is often easier to start from scratch)… But drop us an email and we will see what we can do. 
  • Can you loan me a corset/gown for a photoshoot? We have a very limited number of samples in our studio and have had some items never return from photoshoots (with others coming back dirty and damaged). For this reason, we rarely provide garments for other people’s shoots. We are looking into hiring garments for a fee and will update the website if we hit upon a functional way to do this. In the meantime, you may use our garments by also hiring our shoot location.
  • I saw someone copy your design, what should I do?! Nothing. There anything new under the sun… All things are built on what has gone before and by engaging in light mimicry during their studies the most interesting designers end up innovating something new. Further, it is a fine line between “mimicry” and a “trend”. This is how fashion works. When we see a designer attempt a signature Sparklewren feature we feel flattered and confident that this will simply be a stepping stone to other things for that artist. Please do not engage in any witch hunts on our behalf.
  • What is Sparklewren’s Diary and why is it a paid-for feature? I have writen professionally for Foundations Revealed often, but I also write a lot simply as a function of running my business and exploring my creativity (in sewing and otherwise). I take photographs, explore new materials, consider cross-disciplinary work, draw, paint, gild, think… That content is all part-and-parcel of my work, but it isn’t paid for by bespoke corsets or bridal gowns. By turning it into an opportunity for Arts Patronage (at an excruciatingly tiny £1.15/week), we help keep the innovative side of our art going. Ie: the side which makes Sparklewren different and interesting. The side which makes our diary worth reading and our work worth following. The diary is an easy, inexpensive and interesting way for well-wishers, clients and peers to support our creativity whilst receiving a wealth of content in return.
  • I know exactly what I want in my bespoke garment, right down to the type and colour of thread… Can you do this for me? It very much depends upon the design you have in mind. We focus heavily on projects that allow us to do what we do best: be creative. When you commission a Sparklewren you are supporting an independent artist with an unique point-of-view (and her helpers!). There is little point commissioning us for a corset/gown without exploiting our aesthetic capabilities. If we cannot take on your commission, we will merrily recommend alternative designers who might be better suited to your needs.

Have a question that we haven’t answered? Please comment and we will get back to you.

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