Our plans for 2015

I realised I never did a Happy New Year post here! My apologies, I hope everyone is well and has had a lovely January so far.

Recently, I have been thinking about my plans for this year… You can never know how things will pan out, only what you are prepared to do, driven to do. With that in mind, I intend to limit the number of plain corsets we produce (with a stop on made-to-order, standard-sized, classics entirely) in favour of that which we love best. Opulent couture.

We have created many classic corsets over the past two years, far more than we ever did before, and it has been lovely. A few times we have meant to limit acceptance of classic orders, but then been drawn back into doing it by the nice people who want to wear them! But I have other self-directed projects that I would like to explore (taking the Sparklewren aesthetic into different artforms), many “as yet unmet” brides that I would love to work with (extrapolating our aesthetic into a full gown is always a joy), and only a finite amount of time available… We need to focus. We need to cut some areas out of our work, say “no” to a few things. 

For guidance on the sorts of projects we will be undertaking, our corsetry and bridal pages are the best place to look. Texture, colour, a harmony of form and function… Pearls, lace, silks and steel… These ideas, but even more so. Unique, personal, passionate, intricate, luxurious. Sculptural corsets that blur the boundaries of art and design. Singular bridal that echoes the distinctive beauty of each gorgeous creature we work with.

With which in mind, we are scheduling in more bridal for 2015 and have a maximum of five places remaining (for weddings from July onwards). Our lead time remains, on both bridal and corsetry, between six and nine months from date of deposit. As ever, we favour work in which we are given a great deal of creative freedom, as we know this produces the best results for everyone involved.

All enquiries are welcome, though priority will be given to requests for highly embellished, opulent designs. As already noted, our website portfolio should give a sense of the sort of work we are focusing on. If you aren’t completely sure that your needs match our aesthetic, please do drop us a message anyway as we’d love to hear from you, are happy to discuss ideas, and even if we don’t think we’re the right brand for you we may be able to recommend someone who could be.

Thank you for reading and for all your support. We’ve been exceptionally lucky to find enthusiasts for our work out there, many of you artists in your own right, and it’s a joy working with you all.


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