Work Experience with Sparklewren

This academic year so far seems a bumper one for intern enquiries! Here are a few guidelines for anyone who would like to do work experience with us.


APPLICATION – All you need to do is drop us a message! Preferably this will be short-and-sweet, with either a link to your online portfolio or a couple of small pictures. CVs are wonderful, but not much use to me… I will honestly learn more about where you are at with your learning from a picture of your corsetry efforts than from a CV.

TEST DAY – Generally we like to arrange a test day where you can visit us, take a look at our work, and so that we can learn a bit about your knowledge and such. We understand that not everyone can attend a test day due to distance, so do let us know if you’re coming from far away. You’re very welcome to bring an example of your own work, or to take photographs and notes whilst in our studio, if you’d like.

INTERNSHIP – The average placement is around two weeks, Tues/Thurs/Fri, 10am-5pm. Ideally you want to schedule all this a month or so in advance. We try to only have one intern at a time and certain periods (like the Easter break) are always in high demand. If you are traveling, we have been told that both the Hatter’s Hostel and Travelodge are good local options for accommodation (about 20mins walking distance from our studio). Please note that we cannot always anticipate which tasks you will learn about whilst here. Some days are focused on steels, some on cutting, some on sewing, some on embellishment… It is all worth seeing and learning about.

SCHOOL REQUIREMENTS – Sometimes we have interns who are doing work experience as an alternative to a taught module at their university. Generally, the university will have requirements as to how many hours you need to clock up. Please note that we only work Tues/Thurs/Fri. We are happy to give you “out of the studio” tasks for Monday and Wednesday (research/study and the like) so that you are still working, but our hours can’t change. 

HEALTH & SAFETY – Please do note that our main studio is on the first floor of our building (an old workshop typical of the Jewellery Quarter) and we do not have wheelchair/buggy access. It is expected that common sense is employed at all times and should be understood that personal valuables are brought here at your own risk. We have Employer’s Liability insurance. 


Please do get in touch as we always love having new people in the studio. Often it’s as much fun for us to learn about your work as it is for you to learn about ours’! Most of our interns are current students, but self-taught corsetmakers are of course also welcome. We really want for you to soak up some knowledge whilst you’re here and to enjoy playing with all the shinies with us! And of course, if we have any samples in your size it’s highly likely you’ll get to try things on too 🙂


Speak soon,

Jenni x

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