Springtime loveliness

Our Spring Equinox has passed, alongside a perigee moon and solar eclipse no less! Nothing especially mystical occurred in the studio, unsurprisingly, but it was a lovely bustling day none-the-less. Many chatty ladies, lots of shiny work, with brisk and pleasant weather.

The year has been beautiful so far. We continue catching up on current orders (which reminds me that I need to chase some toile/fitting photos…), whilst looking forward to all the beauties yet to come.

Already, this year (and our corresponding mission to create pure, opulent, sparklewren) has seen the most careful lace appliqué, delicious freshwater pearls, roughly gorgeous gemstones, hand-quilted duchess, and gleaming delicate silk satins with the most lovely shifting colours. Indeed, our work right now seems to have taken a naturalistic turn, and I am excited to see where that could lead us.

The pieces I want most keenly to share with you are, however, tightly under wraps as they are bridal… All I can say for now is that our clients are wonderful, creative, trusting people. With excellent taste, haha! I truly am a lucky creature and I really feel like I am getting into my stride for 2015. Good times. I’m so glad for those of you who are coming along with us, and who appreciate our need to focus in this way.

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