Is Sparklewren abandoning corsetry?

Despite the alarmist title of our most recent mailing, the answer is “no”…! But it is a question I was asked recently by a couple of clients, so I thought I had best make it clear.

Our 2015 focus on couture very much includes corsetry and I imagine will continue to do so. At least 70% of the things we make are corset-based (and of those, I reckon about 90% will have lace embellishment this year, naturally!). But we are expanding what we do, spending more time on bridal and other garments… Primarily because I like to be functioning at the edge of my knowledge. That is to say, I like to be learning, and since I know corsets inside out now I am finding myself naturally begin to incorporate other garments, so that I can explore our aesthetic in different ways.

Speaking of which, I cannot wait for you to see our most recent bridal commission… You will have to be patient though (as will I)!

In the meantime, we are obviously focusing on client work plus some self-directed design projects, the latter not being really “ready” until further into the year I should imagine. We have a couple of unexpected openings for orders this Summer, for which we are open to all enquiries (just drop us an email)… Though I have been considering a new way of structuring commissions/projects, which I will reveal if I can hammer out the finer details. Cryptic, eh?!

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