Future Interns

Hello there potential interns! 

You may have already seen our post from earlier this year, all about applying for work experience… Well this is just a little update. 

You are all such an enthusiastic lot! And as a result, we are sometimes inundated with enquiries for the same popular blocks of time (eg: Easter and Summer holidays, mostly). So far this year, we’ve had a couple of weeks with sometimes four interns at a time, when really we want to keep it to one or two. Most of the time, a smaller team works better, allowing us to engage with you properly, and allowing you to see/study a range of the tasks we do here. 

All of which means, we’re getting to the point where we’re having to start saying, “no” to people! Which I don’t enjoy since I know you’re crying out for corsetry experience, but there’s just too many of you. So, how to work around this…  


– Plan in advance. We are currently busy all summer and our next available space for new interns will be from 21st September onwards. Please also note, our usual working week runs from Tuesday-Friday. 

– Consider “off-peak” (ie: non Easter/Summer) dates, if possible.  

– Please do some research 🙂 If we have two enquiries for the same dates and one is a generic email that doesn’t even address me by name, whilst the other is personalised, polite, and mentions why you would like to learn with us, it is the latter that we will respond to first… 

– Please do be prepared to quietly focus on work… I am too easily distracted to have people bouncing off the walls all the time! 

– Don’t be scared! You know with wild animals people like to say, “they’re more afraid of you, than you are of them”? That’s me! I find people overwhelming at times. If you’re feeling nervous or shy about getting in touch, just remember that I’m probably feeling the same… Why do you think I’m self-employed?! I’d hate for shyness to hold you back in the way it sometimes holds me back, so please don’t be afraid of contacting us 🙂  

 – Lastly, if you haven’t had a reply I’m very sorry! Sometimes emails get lost, sometimes things get hectic with my workload, but I do try to reply to everyone even if it takes a few days (I tend to only have time for emails twice a week)… If you haven’t heard from me, please give it a week before following up with a second message. 


So yes, please do get in touch, but please do keep the above in mind… We’re really very chilled in our studio and we want you to learn this quirky craft. Be ready to ask questions, take notes, study the corsets in detail, and even bring in your own pieces for some helpful assessment if you like. If there is anything in particular that you want to learn about, please do say. We can spend days and weeks on lace appliqué, for example, so if you want to take a look at some of our patterns or learn about different construction methods then you might need to mention it specifically. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and scheduling our Autumn/Winter placements 🙂  

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