Falling Blossoms, coming soon…

“Coming soon” may be a vague phrase when coming from Sparklewren. After all, we have long timelines on orders (sometimes very long) and a big part of working with us is allowing the time for stuff to develop naturally. “Naturally” usually meaning “slowly”.

But then every so often something really does happen quickly. There may have been months of quiet consideration, followed by a sudden flurry of intense activity once an idea has been decisively settled on.

This is how the Falling Blossoms corset happened. Beginning life as the Rose Gold corset, it one day became very apparent to me that flaking, gilded lace, like tumbling cherry blossoms, was what this corset wanted. And so we embellished it this way, as a wedding gift for a good friend.

Having created this piece, I feel compelled to create a few similar designs. Different shades of rich duchess satin. Differently hand-painted lace. Some with additional, glimmering gold. Underbusts and overbusts. Three unique, bespoke designs, based around this particular aesthetic. All I need is three lovely individuals to join me.

We are now almost ready to share the Falling Blossoms with you, through our first Bespoke Curated Collection. Our next email will tell you how to get involved, so do make sure you’re on our mailing list.

All photographs of Helen Teiman by Jenni Hampshire, 2015. Hair and Makeup Sarah Stonehouse-Robinson.

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