Falling Blossoms – Are you the right person for Tumble?

Tumble, a delicious scoop-necked overbust, is the final remaining design in the Falling Blossoms project, ending at midnight tonight.

Sharing this aesthetic with you all has been an absolute treat. Indeed, I cannot wait to get the patterns and toiles done for those of you who are participating! Just wait till you see the swatches for colour options… Even with the rich colours, there is so much delicacy possible in this design.

And whilst the intensely romantic pink of this first Falling Blossoms corset might suggest a certain feeling, I am convinced that different colours and cuts will create designs that have unique characters and great versatility.

I am very curious to see what Tumble may end up being… Perhaps pure gold? Ecru and oyster? Dusky blues? And who will have her? Who is her perfect match? Bloom and Blossom have both gone to existing customers and since around two-thirds of our clientele is always repeat custom I am very curious to see if Tumble will continue or buck that trend!

My Sparklewren corset is a true work of art – I still can’t get over how exquisite it is, from the perfect fit to the stunning embellishment. This won’t be the last corset I order from Jenni, it’s only a matter of time until I save up for my next one!

— Karolina, lingerie designer and corsetry collector.

Oh my, my dress looks like it belongs at the Oscars! Or at Couture Fashion Week! It’s absolutely gorgeous, it exceeds anything I ever imagined! Jenni it is magnificent! I feel so incredibly lucky to wear this masterpiece.

— Amanda, bridal client.

Tomorrow I will be volunteering at the stables all day (my usual Saturday activity these days). Then Sunday and Monday are my regular days off. I will reply to any enquiries or new orders as quickly as I can. If you have any questions at all do drop me an email. If it comes before midnight tonight I should be able to reply, but don’t panic if not! I’ve a 6am start tomorrow 😉

Owning my two Sparklewren pieces makes me feel proud: I own something no-one else does, from a lovely person whose dream I helped to come true.

I wear the burgundy one when I want to feel like a have a secret – I can’t really explain the feeling, but you know how a cat looks when it knows something you don’t? It feels like that.

I wear the Angel’s Wings when I want to feel all glamorous and sparkly and a bit Gothic. It’s part of one of my special party outfits.

— Elisa, bespoke corsetry client and longterm supporter of our work.

CREDITS: Helen Teiman in Sparklewren, by Jenni Hampshire 2015. Hair and Makeup Sarah Stonehouse-Robinson. Hair vine by Eva Marie Accessories.

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