In “artist fails to have personal life” news…

One thing (that you might not be aware of) for an artist who sells one-offs, is that listing or presenting each individual piece requires time.

Right now I’m at work late saving loads of edited photographs of Bloom, one of the bespoke pieces from the Falling Blossoms curated corsetry project. But I also have six or seven Winter Sale corsets to photograph and list tomorrow. It isn’t like a manufactured or repeatable product in which that set-up work happens once. Instead, it happens each time for each new piece, and it takes ages. So, if you’re thinking to go into business as a craftsperson who does one-offs, don’t forget to account for time spent not making the thing. Very possibly, the bulk of your labour won’t be on making the thing. It will be on building and maintaining the structure that allows you to present the thing to your potential clients.

That said, the temptation to cut corners is strong tonight… Sometimes we have sold sample corsets on a whim with one slightly blurry ipad snap. Sometimes even showing the piece unfinished. It would certainly save time, but I do try to take proper photos so that we have imagery for future use. Even just as a record of what we’ve made.

Anyway, I’m not complaining at having to work late, in general I’ve done better than ever at having a work/life split this year! It’s just been an intense few weeks and I’m a bit tired. And I’m feeling as though each of the things on the To Do Before Christmas list are non-negotiable, so we just have to power through.

Christmas break soon though! We will be “out of the studio” from 23rd December until 5th January. I will be online at points as our second Curated Collection will be unveiled between Christmas and New Year (make sure you check your inboxes!)…

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, to have my hand looked at. My right-hand thumb (I clocked it when horse riding earlier this year) still feels thick and misshapen when compared to the left-hand one. It doesn’t hurt unless I mess with it or have been hand-sewing for a while, but it certainly isn’t back to normal. So perhaps the GP will have an opinion. What I would like is an x-ray, just to be sure everything’s as it should be. After all, my hands are the single most important part of me, in terms of doing my work and living a creative life. They need to function as well as possible.

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