Presenting “Bloom” – a Falling Blossoms curated collection corset

Bloom has been an absolute treat to create.

She is a bespoke corset of tulip-red silk duchess, embellished with hundreds of hand-painted, hand-cut, and hand-sewn lace blossoms. For accuracy and information, I will say that I shot these images slightly dark to highlight the gold-thread in the lace blossoms. In daylight, Bloom is actually a brighter hue of deep tulip red and slightly faded rose tones. 

Curated Corsetry Collections are inspired by our ever-shifting aesthetic sensibilities.

Through them, we invite a select number of people to participate in the creation of bespoke garments, based around one key theme. The Falling Blossoms was our first such aesthetic. Along with our two bespoke pieces (of which Bloom is the first) it also inspired a number of sample designs, where we explored different ways of using the lace. Many of these are in our Winter Sale, which we revealed at our recent Winter Party. The remaining sale items should be available online tomorrow night. 

Bloom was created for a delightful lady in Ireland, as part of her birthday celebrations, and I am informed by our client that she has crafted a stunning flower crown to match. That’s one of the best things about our work, that we get to collaborate with creative and talented people. We inspire and nourish each others’ ideas. 

I’ll leave you with some more photographs. I absolutely adore Bloom. Indeed, she will be the last piece that we finish in 2015 which I feel is fitting for our “Year of Beauty” and I cannot wait to see her on her rightful owner. 

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