Echoes and Reflections

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It is my feeling that good craftsmanship echoes something of your soul. Echoes and enhances.

The way you live you life is surely in accord with your environment. The beauty or ugliness around you. There seems to me a sort of aesthetic quality to being good and kind (or the opposite) and so creating, collecting, living within, or otherwise experiencing exceptional art and design has relevance beyond the frivolous surface level. There must be depth to the objects that take up space within our lives, for good or bad. They must have a power to soothe or upset, to in some small way enhance your physical and mental experience of the world. Ideally, to make you a better person.

And so I feel that the benefits I get from my work are, in many ways, the same benefits you get from it.

I am kinder, calmer, and more thoughtful when my life involves creative work. I’ve tried living without it, the results were bad…

And you tell me that the process of collaborating on a bespoke garment is often the best part of ownership. The corset might be for a party or a wedding but it’s the daydreams, the sharing of ideas and thoughts, that brings you the most joy. You tell me that the corset is like a secret. You tell me that this colour reminds you of the particular scent of your homeland in Summer, or that this texture is like the coast where you grew up.

So creating beautiful things only fully satisfies if those things are then handed over to someone else, so that they may carry greater personal significance. If through my work I can let a friend (new or old) feel beautiful, listened to, treasured, then the experience is complete.

We will be making six unique designs available for bespoke participants in the New Year. I had said “five” in my previous email, but there is an extra gown design that I am too excited about to not offer! 

And just you wait until you see a colour photo of the corset that inspired them all (glimpsed in the above images)… I ended up giving that piece to my good friend Glo (of InaGlo Photography) and cannot wait to share some snaps of her looking stunning in it.

Best wishes, just one more sleep until New Year’s Eve! 

Jenni x

CREDITS: Helen Teiman and Sarah Simms in Sparklewren, photographed by Jenni Hampshire 2015. Hair and Makeup Sarah Stonehouse-Robinson.

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