Styling the Pyrite corset – saddlery and couture

What’s better than photographing a gorgeous new corset with a lovely team of talented people in a beautiful castle…? Doing so in a castle full of equestrian stuff! 

Despite Glo and I saying for many years that we should collaborate on a horse-based shoot (couture corsetry, vintage jodhpurs, and tall black boots anyone?)  we haven’t managed it yet. To be fair, we always have more ideas than resources and there are many shoots that we’ve dreamed up that we haven’t yet done… But the horse one was always high up on the list. Indeed, I think 2016 might have to be the year we finally do it! 

Anyway, the castle. Lord of the manor is himself a rider and a love of all things horse is present everywhere you turn. So whilst no actual horses were involved, we still managed to take one or two images in which an equestrian theme was strongly evident.  

Behind the scenes of these particular shots, you can see that there was much more tack hanging up than I have really shown in my photos. The whole room had that delicious tack-room scent and was scattered with old bridles, antique side-saddles, collars, cruppers, all sorts of stuff. Since I had wanted to show the Pyrite corset from Where Angels ( in a couple of ways, this was perfect. I had always intended it as a corset-and-jods sort of piece, a clash of insane couture with utilitarian design. And since it now belongs to my friend Glo, perhaps one day we could re-shoot it like this! But for now, laced up tulle leggings and tall black boots gave the nod towards equestrianism that I wanted. 

We only had a very short amount of time, late at night, to get these photos and I do wish I had more… But it’s okay, the first image is one of my absolute favourites and I’m pleased to have pressed the shutter on such a stunning moment. So, since Pyrite-with-saddlery photos are in short supply, have some phone snaps that I quickly took of other horsey bits around the castle. 

Hmm, I really am going to have to search out some horse-based fashion photography, for inspiration.  

CREDITS: Helen Teiman in the Pyrite corset, photography by Jenni Hampshire. MUAH by Sarah Stonehouse-Robinson. 

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