So, right now I am sitting on my boat. This morning I have been texting with my friend Glo about potential future curated collections (I know, we’ve only just launched Where Angels, but that’s how it works!), and I have been catching up with emails and enquiries. The first Where Angels design to have been allocated is Fe, and I am thrilled that so many of you love this aesthetic as much as I do! That leaves five more special people to be found. 

This week will no doubt prove a little bit “here, there, and everywhere”, but that’s okay. We’ve got lace bags to post and sample corsets to measure (clever me, I failed to take bust and hip measures on a couple of them before my Christmas break), then as the month draws on there will be patterns and toiles to make, and shiny couture corsets to begin, and business ideas to consider… Plus, I would really like to help muck-out on a regular weekday at the stables in addition to my usual Saturday, if I can tweak my work schedule to allow it, and I need to get some listings online to begin fundraising. 

Indeed, with all that in mind I am very pleased to have had some time off this Christmas/New Year! There’s going to be a lot to do in 2016. But let’s focus. One thing at a time, that’s the key. Tasks with definite finished/not-finished parameters. That’s the way to feel like you’re getting anywhere. 

Anyway, I thought you might also like to see this. It’s a snippet from the (now retired) private diary, from back in 2014, and it ties in with my post about learning curves from the other day. I’ve had a few messages and such from people who related to the topics in that post, so thought that this might be an interesting addition for some of you. 

And re: the above, I have since discovered that the answer is to pursue the creativity of our designs as much as we want, since then we produce better, more interesting, work for our clients and everyone is happy! Who’d have thought it. Plus, to establish new curves in your personal life and other interests, so as to remain engaged and interested in the world. 

Right, I’m off to sort out a late lunch for my lad. It’s a topsy-turvy sort of week when you’re sharing a new curated collection with the world! 

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