Thank you for all the enthusiasm for Where Angels last week! It was an intense time of shiny corsets and shiny pictures and lovely people and lovely feedback. Happy corsetmaker times. 

Was also gratified that my favourite photograph from the collection was your favourite too! That never happens…  

Since last week’s intense happenings I have taken a breather to catch up with myself. Volunteering at the stables on Saturday as usual (am now adding a regular Wednesday shift too, happy times!), then resting and a trip to Sutton Park yesterday. Took John off-path and almost got us stuck in the boggy ground, clever Hampshire. It was like a cross between the “swamps of sadness” and the Blair witch. But we made it out alive. 

Whist at home for Christmas, I stole a couple of dad’s old cameras. Some that I’ve used before, some that I think are totally dead. But I was especially pleased about finding the Olympus (which I think I remember using as a kid) and the Yashica half-frame. The latter, in particular, not because it’s a camera I loved using (I took it to Aberdeen with me, when I did half a term at Grey’s School of Art before becoming too home-sick) but because for years I’ve not been able to remember what it was! It just kept bothering me that I couldn’t remember, but now I can research it properly. 

In other news, I still need to finish updating my etsy. Repurposing it, in fact, to sell bits and bobs as fundraising for Summerfield Stables. 

Alongside all that (and alongside usual work), I need to begin considering the future of Sparklewren. As always, haha. Our studio lease ends this November and we will probably stay on a rolling contract afterwards. Need to consider all options though. It was a three year contract and three years must be the longest the business has spent based in any one place. Which has been a really great thing. But as I’ve taken the business in a couture direction rather than a super-prolific direction I just don’t quite need all the space I have. So options include downsizing, subletting, finding someone to share the space with, carrying on as is, and so on. 

So yeah, lots of things on my mind at the moment. Good things, all, but just lots of them which is a bit overwhelming at times. It’s making me feel extra introspective at the moment and you know, sometimes that’s not actually helpful. So I’m glad to have the volunteering to just do some good physical work and get out of my own head every so often! 

Anyway, lunch and blogging break over! Best get back to work.  

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