Doing the things you say you’ll do

I like to get stuff done. Not anything at all, not boring things… I certainly don’t have much discipline or motivation for getting the dishes done, for example! But with things that matter, I like to consider the options, make a decision, and do the thing. Often though, life gets in the way. Or making the decision seems too impossible. And things don’t get done, or they don’t get done as quickly as you’d like. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of little steps one can take, when trying to get things done. It’s good to feel things are moving and changing, even if only in small ways. 

Today I have added some listings to my repurposed etsy shop, in a bid to begin raising a few pennies for the stables I volunteer at. Hurrah, a step forward!

New etsy banner. 
New etsy banner. 

Just a few cheap-and-cheerful old prints for now (from years and years ago, when I used to occasionally sell these sorts of things in the village cafe and such), plus one custom option (for a pencil portrait of your equine friend, should you have one). Here’s hoping they all find new homes! I have priced them all very modestly indeed, but if all the prints sold that would be about £80 for the stables after fees. A tiny amount of money when you’re feeding and housing 16 horses and ponies (plus some sheep and goats!), but every little helps. And since I forgot I had these prints, it’s like “bonus money” if they sell. Then if I could get the odd custom commission that would be a nice little bit to contribute every so often. So yeah, take a look if it interests you, tell you friends, help me support this wonderful charity! 

Oh, and do tell me if there are any other fundraising products you can think of or would like to see. I might even add a corset, though I would feel a need for it to be equestrian themed… Just you wait, I have visions of sleek duchess corsetry possibly with bridle parts and metal bits. We shall have to wait and see! 

Today I also updated the website and created a page specifically about the potential for subletting part of our space. It could be quite casual and on a rolling basis, which I think would be a useful thing for perhaps someone newly self-employed or someone who just wants to try out having their own studio space. We’ll see. But again, please do share far and wide with anyone who may be interested! Remember, we’re based in Birmingham UK. 

Stables tomorrow. I’ve just added Wednesdays to my visits, meaning I am there twice a week. Lush! This now means, from a practical point of view, that I reply to work emails on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday. 

According to the BBC, tomorrow will be 2°C but sunny. Gonna be brisk! Right then, I wonder if I have any decent gloves at home? John surprised me by gifting me a hat today. Primarily because I keep stealing his, but it’s still a kind thing to do. So yeah, time to finally leave the studio (8pm). I never manage to get an early night before the stables despite always meaning to, but at least I can curl up all warm on my boat and relax, maybe watch some Horse&Country TV on the ipad or something. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


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