Next Generation Corsetmakers – Holly Rafaela

As I hope many of you already know, a lot of the interns and students we’ve worked with go on to make corsets in their own right, often with very distinctive styles. My assistant Holly is obviously no exception! And despite working very hard for me with Sparklewren she has recently been finding the time (and confidence) to build her own portfolio of gorgeous shiny corsets. 

I’ve been lucky to photograph a couple of them, and thought I’d share a few pictures here. First up, the Trinity corset, as modelled by the elegant Victoria Dagger. 

Of course I have photographed this corset in my own way, but that’s the wonderful thing about even designs that are as opulent and distinctive as this… You can present them in numerous ways, creating versatility. In fact you should take a visit to Holly’s Facebook page as you’ll get to see loads of gorgeous photos of this corset, as presented by different artists:

Secondly, the Valeria corset. Very much a relative of Trinity, I feel that these two corsets together reveal a strong personal sense of aesthetic. Which is what you want from a corset designer. Skills can be learned and constantly improved (and Holly is very skilled), but without a personal point of view informing them who really cares? You need a style alongside your craftsmanship and Holly’s wonderful style is emerging very strongly indeed. As an aside, I love the way Holly has clustered the glass spikes on this piece… 

So yeah, lovers of wildly gorgeous corsetry should definitely visit Holly’s Facebook page:

As yet she doesn’t have a website, so Facebook or Instagram are the places to find her. Go and give some encouragement to this talented new corsetmaker! She hinted to me today that the next portfolio piece may be in rich red (exciting!), so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on her pages… 

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