Personal Goals

As you may have gathered through this blog, I haven’t had many personal goals for years now. I’ve had business goals instead! Though they were largely the same thing, since my work was priority number one. These days my work shares its importance with other personal things. 

So this year, I’m endeavouring to use my energies more consciously. It’s not easy, I tend to throw myself into things whole-heartedly, at the expense of other stuff. These days I’m trying to be more balanced, to not throw myself into stuff too intensely. Breaking down your aspirations into smaller goals and targets helps. 

For example, I’m meaning to get fit. Well to be precise, I started getting fit six months ago, just very slowly. Which is a rather boring goal but it takes a lot of energy and thought, as I’m sure you all know. And yes, I have less vague goals than just “get fit”, but they’re very dull. 

I’m also meaning to contribute to Summerfield Stables in a useful way. Yes with my time, but also with financial donations via etsy sales. So my current target is at least one sale per month, no matter how small. January and February have gone to plan, so here’s hoping I can keep that going. 

Also courtesy of the stables, I am hoping to take my BHS Stage One this year. It isn’t something I ever expected to do! When I was a teenager hacking around the countryside (sometimes bareback, on a headcollar and lead-rope, with no hat or proper boots… yes, I might have been a sort of hooligan, safety first kids), BHS seemed like something other people did. Probably people with money and confidence, which I didn’t have. Of course that’s daft, the BHS is for anyone who wants to study/support horsemanship. And as such, if you’re at Summerfield with any frequency you end up being encouraged to consider the exams. Which is wonderful for me, I love learning! This new challenge is very welcome and I wouldn’t have considered it without that little push. But it’s daunting too and I’m nervous of making stupid mistakes (which nerves obviously won’t help with). So I’m reading up on the theory, asking a million questions, attempting to improve my posture and effectiveness when riding, and trying to practice the BHS way of doing every little thing. 

I was very fortunate as a teenager, to have a pony that I felt totally safe with (lovely old Fred here). A contributing factor was probably that I have little sense of danger when I'm around horses, I'm possibly too blasé about it all. 
I was very fortunate as a teenager, to have a pony that I felt totally safe with (lovely old Fred here). A contributing factor was probably that I have little sense of danger when I’m around horses, I’m possibly too blasé about it all. 

Of course I have other assorted related goals, though they’re all less “worthy” and more self-centred. I’d love to go trekking in the Lake District, for example. I’ve wanted to do that for years. Or failing that, just taking a break to the Lakes or somewhere would be nice. John and I haven’t gone off alone for a countryside break in years. We’ve said for years that we’d like to go to the Highlands or to Mull and we haven’t made it happen, prioritising our work instead. 

For the business, I want to make less work at an ever higher level, as said many times over. I doubt we would be able to do as little as one piece per month without having purely bridal clients (whose ensembles often take that long), but it would be nice. I want each and every piece to be an absolute treasure. And I want to work less. Or rather, I want to have time for physical work alongside creative work, even if I’m not getting paid for it. Limiting our workload to two pieces per month would be a good aim with that in mind, though of course one should make hay whilst the sun shines so it’s hard to turn down work. 

Anyway there you are, some personal goals for this year with a business one thrown in at the end. 

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