Busy week. As already noted, there has been First Aid training, dressage fun and photography, usual stables activities yesterday, with some couture corsetmaking thrown in-between. 

We’ve a bunch of things that need wrapping and posting soon, but just need to finish them first (toiles and such). I need to get in the zone next week, plenty of sewing to be done. And as I’m sure I’ve said many times before, the way we construct our corsets is simple but not easy, if that makes sense. Concentration is required, so if my head isn’t focused I just leave it for another day. No point half-arsing things, especially when they’re for clients! Current workload is primarily for clients, naturally, but we also began a couple of new things on Friday which I am very excited for!  

They’re a couple of designs for the next CC or perhaps just as showpieces, undecided… A gown and a corset. The latter being well underway and the former having been draped/patterned. But the former needs silk buying, and so it is on hold until I can justify the expense. I’m trying to be more sensible about showpieces these days! Then we’ve also begun a third new piece, which I am making for a model. Exciting, shiny times. They all need to be done by the end of March, really. 

Anyway, I’m taking a much needed day off. Which is annoying, I feel like I should be working. But am slightly shattered after a busy week and clearly need to rest. Clearly! Brain isn’t even allowing me to write a useful or good blog post today…  


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