Boativersary (plus thinking aloud)

23rd February! That makes it our boat-iversary! Well, one of them. 

A year ago today we were tackling all the weather and moving The Celt from Hawne Basin into Birmingham. What a wonderful thing the boat has been so far. We still have plenty of DIY to finish up, but things have rarely felt urgent or difficult. There are aspects of our living space that would be considered completely unacceptable by many (the fact that we still haven’t plumbed everything in and thus have no running water, for example), but they haven’t bothered us. The things that should be awkward have been restful. Now when I’m at home, I’m actually at home. Not working or worrying about work. Same for the workaholic boyfriend. It’s an absolute gift. 

A lot happened and changed during 2015 and even though we are two months into 2016 I am still wondering how this year will change things again. 

Anyway, we’re sewing in the studio today, naturally. Though as ever, I have emails and such to catch up with. Last week I was showing our intern how I use important/urgent charts and ideas of “The One Thing” in a bid to make my time as productive as possible. It doesn’t always work. I get distracted by projects or am so busy focussing on the important/urgent things that I might forget something simple (like needing to order thread) which then holds up productivity. And I always find I need time to get into the right head-space for things like sewing. But I do my best, I’m sure we all do. 

Who else writes? And how do you use your writing? I write a lot of notes here and there, alongside this blog and shorter snippets in my 2016 diary, and I suppose it’s all a sort of journal. Reflections and ideas. But mostly I think I use writing as a way of figuring things out. Generally, if I have a question I will write and by the end I will have found an answer. Or if not an answer, a way to proceed at least. But sometimes I haven’t framed the question nor do I have anything special to share. I don’t know why I’m writing, except that I’m compelled to. Under those circumstances I assume I am still writing in a bid to answer a question, it’s just that I don’t know what the question is. 

I’m afraid this makes for extra-waffly blog posts with even less direction than usual… But hey ho, that’s why I write. Why do you write…? Is it to think? To communicate? To teach? To support?  

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