Couture Beasties

I need to write this down or I’ll forget… 

Whilst at uni I made some quirky stuffed toys, including a life-size, holographic-fabric, pink unicorn. There’s some background. 

Last night, I dreamed that I made a sort of couture version of those ideas, in the form of a little chestnut dog. It was a soft sculpture of my mum’s old dog, a German Pinscher called Piggy, who sadly had to be put down last month. I’d made it from cotton or linen, something rough, kind of like sacking, and it was all embellished with our lace blossoms dyed in shades of chestnut, ginger, orange and sunset pink. She had black glass eyes and was stood at attention, ears up and one foot raised, like this type of dog is inclined to do. I pictured her in an art gallery type setting, and then began imagining the other beasts I could make. Hares, foals, fawns, and so on… Creatures with elongated proportions and a wild look to the eye. 

Would be a nice thing to play with at some point. 

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