Seaglass Selkie – the client’s thoughts

Aw, people are lovely 🙂 

Hi Jenni,

I finally have Seaglass in my hands!!!!! I missed the delivery and had to wait a few days till I could get to the post office during business hours. She is amazing! Oh the texture, I want to touch all the ‘lichen’ but I’m afraid my rough skin will snag it. The lace inside is a nice touch, as well as the engraved busk.

I love the pictures too! I think of them as an extension of your art, that’s why I asked you. A dark selkie is perfect. The model is beautiful and looks very intense. The sequin skirt was genius! The effect is inky mysterious depths.

You really are kind and generous person to not only make me something beautiful but humor my request to create more work for you! I hope you enjoyed it or at least learned something. The corsets and images you create are truly beautiful and I am so lucky to own such art.

Thank you,


Our clients are so kind, makes it all worthwhile. 

You can see the pictures of Trish’s Seaglass corset here.  

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