Today’s happenings:

Orange juice after teeth-brushing is truly revolting, why had I forgotten this? 

All on-panel stitching done for a client’s Blossom underbust corset, seams later this week, then binding, steels, and blossoms! Very excited for the latter, the colours are intense.  

Our mooring will be losing its car parking at the end of the month. Irksome. Doubt we’ll find anywhere free near-by to leave John’s car, so that’s more money to find. Considering/researching other mooring options.  

Am doing a knowledge share/swap with someone very clever in a different country, how lush is that! Horse questions from me, corset questions from her. The internet can be a wonderful thing.  

Stables volunteering tomorrow! There is meant to be wind (love it), rain (meh), and potential flooding (grr). It’ll be like the swamps of sadness (for those who have seen The Neverending Story and sobbed, like I did, when the horse sank into the mud…). 

Now to relax for the evening. Have found myself oddly anxious and stressed recently, for no good reason. Perhaps it’s just because the schedule has been a little less regular than usual. I don’t like having too tight a schedule, but a general weekly routine does help keep your moods level, I think. 

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