March update – fighting fit (almost)

Ahhh! Wrote a whole post and then lost it. 

Oh well, it was nothing interesting I’m sure. Lamenting a week lost to illness, but pleased to be feeling much better now. We’re going to miss most of our March goals but, to be fair, I was trying to get a lot done this month even without the week enforced bed rest. I reckon we’re on track for between 30% and 40% success, which isn’t too bad considering. Can still make the best of things. 

Anyway, need to find some positive energy to get my hustle on. Though what I want to do right now is swan off up North. See the family, visit Freddie’s field, wander around a bit, take a break from work responsibilities. That’ll probably have to wait until June (I’m determined to see Appleby Fair this year, finally), but it’s the urge I have. Quite missing my home landscape. Thankfully I’ll be back at the stables as normal tomorrow and will be able to satisfy the need for fresh air and beasties then. 

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