Blossoms progress

Blossom underbust, in progress. So in love with these colours. This shows the carmine and raspberry with just one spray of yellow-orange, there will be much more of the latter mixed through as we progress. 

Photoshoot next week! I’m being photographer in London for a friend’s new lingerie collection, will be fun. Meaning to take a couple of our own bits too, as I’ve booked gorgeous Helen to model for me briefly during the afternoon. Had wanted to get a gown done but alas, we’ve run out of time. But we have a corset in the works and might re-embellish one or two of our older pieces. This would be a great week to get a burst of energy, to really take this by the horns and do some overtime to get new things finished, but I don’t quite know if I can muster that level of hustle following my sick week. We’ll see. 

Stables tomorrow! Pony cuddles. Unless the ponies snub me for having missed a week, haha.  

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