All a tremble

Cream crackered. 

Stables were lovely yesterday, usual tasks plus we painted one of the trailers. Overcast, cold sort of day, but that’s fine. Felt pretty exhausted all day though. Just did things more slowly than usual, but then found that my knees were trembling when filling haynets! Slept one of those impossibly deep sleeps, struggled to wake up this morning, and am absolutely shattered now. A sick week really takes it out of you, apparently. 

One of my stables friends is off home to glorious Yorkshire for the week. Others are playing with ponies every day of the holiday. I, naturally, haven’t even factored in any time off. Stupid thing to do, not least since John has some time off his work which is pretty rare and I should be exploiting that. We should have planned a visit home or a jaunt out on the boat or some days of DIY. Nevermind. 

On the bright side, I’m meant to be joining some friends in Nottingham (this Saturday after the stables) for a seamstressy gathering. I keep forgetting its this weekend though, need to put an alarm in my phone so that I don’t just come home after the stables on autopilot! Next Thursday is the London photoshoot, so that’s something fun to do. And right now I am tossing up whether to take tomorrow off. We’ll see how much we get done today. 

Dull update is dull. Oh, here’s a fun thing though! I asked the stables if they have any truly valueless saddles in amongst their huge collection (there must be 50 or more saddles that have no function and just need selling), and it turns out they think they do. So I might take two or three for a few quid each and have some fun deconstructing! I’ve always wanted to reverse engineer some saddles, to see how they are built from the inside out, but never got round to it. I have one very crappy old saddle of my own that I had considered tearing apart, but it’s actually quite an attractive photoshoot prop so I’ve not been able to bring myself to do it. Anyway, curiosity is such a wonderful thing and it’s so easy to satisfy these days, given the internet. One can begin to learn just about anything, very easily. But sometimes you just want to play with something in your own two hands. And I’m interested to see if any of the construction techniques, leather choices, or pattern cutting might kickstart any creative ideas for corsetry or other craftsmanship. 

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