Easter Weekend

Saturday at the stables was lovely, as usual. I still felt as weak as a kitten so only rode for 30mins, but it was lush. I had intended, with teacher approval, to just do some walk and trot as I figured I might fatigue far more quickly than usual, but the lad I ride was feeling on excellent form, really rhythmic and energetic. So braved a bit of canter and he was feeling in such good spirits that it was one of those beautifully uphill and light canters, a proper gift. 

Even so, kept my ride short and then cracked on with other bits of assisting. Then had to scoot off to catch a train to Nottingham (well, deepest darkest Mansfield actually) for a weekend gathering with some of my industry peoples, hosted by lovely Cathy Hay. Good to be at someone else’s place, forces you to sit down and relax for a while. Lots of laughter, stupid amounts of food, chocolate eggs, some tears, and too much gin. Great way to spend a couple of days. 

Back in the studio today, preparing for the shoot in London on Thursday. Helpers are finishing up a couple of garments to take, but the main priority is preparing as photographer for my friend Gerry’s new designs. In simple terms, that just means sorting out my camera battery, formatting memory cards, looking through inspiration pics again, etc. etc. Will be fun. 

Am aiming to take a couple of weeks off in June. Will it happen? Who can say. But I’d love to spend some time up North, pop to Appleby Fair and then the Cumberland Show. I’ve promised that I won’t come back from either event having been fooled into buying a pony… Anyway, plenty to do before then, though I can already see April disappearing before it’s even begun. March has felt like that, as though half of it has been slightly wasted. Nevermind, onwards and upwards.  

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