Beasties are nice

Beasties are so lovely. Yesterday was a regular stables day which means I got friendly ears from Buster (he’s always happy to see you), gentle demands for fussing from the old mama goat (she comes over and lays her head up your thigh, she’s like a unicorn with her mellow vibes and white beard), and even mannerly feet for picking from the big grumpy horse Twiggy (it’s nice when they learn to trust you, to trust that you’re not going to suddenly do something awful!). Animals do have their complexities, but the ways in which they are simpler than humans make them great company. Be fair to them and they’ll generally be fair to you. Then when I got home from the stables, CatFace decided to grace me with his highly affectionate presence. Beasties are lovely. 

Photoshoot on Thursday was ace, beautiful garments, girls, and location. Three of us were there to take pictures, so I can’t wait to see everyone’s results.  

I’m now in the cafe, to have breakfast and read a bit more about classical horsemanship. Good start to the day. 

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