2016 interns – we’re full, apologies!

Looking at my diary, we are now basically full for interns for the rest of the year. I’ve got a couple of days in the third week of April, then no more. We may have some space in October, to be more honest, but I find that interns dry up at that time of year! And I can’t confirm that far in advance anyway, not least since we may be moving studio or otherwise changing circumstances by that point in the year. 

But I’ll update here if we find that we have space for anyone else. In the meantime, if you’re a student (formal or self-directed) wanting some intermediate/advanced corsetry tuition then get in touch. Perhaps we could do an afternoon of trouble-shooting or embellishment techniques or something. It’s rare that I find the time to teach (it’s normally a question of imparting bits of knowledge whilst interns are here), but I usually charge £50/hour, to give you an idea. 

Right, time to go home. I normally take Monday off but we shuffled this week. So today I’ve been editing photos from the Morua/Production Mode photoshoot last week. Can’t reveal anything yet, so here’s just a crop featuring beautiful model Alessia. 

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