Coming soon – a big Spring Clean

A different day to usual. We’ve been sorting through stuff for a Spring Clean Sale! Random bits and bobs from the studio. Fabrics and such as usual, but also bits of jewellery and stationary that I haven’t used in years and therefore don’t need. 

The listings aren’t complete/live yet, but it’s worth keeping an eye on them as prices will be low and there’s some good stuff to be had. More to follow soon! 

Yesterday was lush. It was a super-quiet day at the stables, with glorious warming sunshine and a gentle breeze. I mostly spent the day grooming ponies. I find getting dried mud off pretty satisfying, but even more so helping get the shedding hair off. Also, you won’t necessarily handle certain horses for weeks at a time since it’s just as well to focus on three or four and get to know them well (so that you notice when something changes, for good or bad). So it was good to take the chance to spend some time looking more closely at the hooves, lumps and bumps of some different animals to usual. 

Glorious day though, really perfect. Set me up well for making lists and taking photos of random bits and bobs today! 

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