Spring Clear-out underway!

We made our Spring Clean listings live the other day. Loads of lovely fabric and other bits-and-bobs have already been snapped up and will be going out in the post on Thursday or Friday.

As ever, it’s the stronger colours that have gone first in the fabrics. People really respond to colour! But I adore some of the paler shades that remain… especially the lilac and dusky pink Vietnamese silks. 

You know I had gotten those silks whilst in my pop-up boutique. I was intending to do a lovely limited edition ready-to-wear corset collection with them and had the whole thing sorted in my mind. The patterns were relatives of the Birds Wing, having 10 panels per side and a conical silhouette with nicely rounded hip. For better or worse, other projects took over and by the time I would have had the spare time to get something done I had dramatically changed my construction method. 

But, if these colours don’t find new homes I might try to think of a way of using them within a construction context that I love. Will think on. 

We’ve also added some corsets to the Spring Clean and hope to get more added with Holly’s assistance (though of course client work is priority). Including one embellished black underbust with a quirky asymmetric topline, and one black coutil plunge overbust which I am thinking to leave totally plain! Not my style, I know, but this was a test design (the 10-panel silhouette, as mentioned above) from about four years ago that I forgot I had. We thought someone might like the change to get it plain rather than covered in lace and sparkle, as is my tendency! 

Did a lot of thinking yesterday. Hit upon a couple of good ideas for post-current-studio-lease options. Won’t say anymore for now as it’s seven months away and I may still change my mind on a few things. But it might be a perfect solution to the question of scratching that itch… 

In other news, I am a bit behind on emails. Please bear with! And as a reminder, we are now full for interns this year. If space becomes available I will post here or on social media, but for now I’m afraid we can’t take anyone else on. 

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