Wednesday is my favourite day

I’m going to need to get into the habit of wearing sun block this year. I’m very bad for just forgetting as I generally avoid strong sunshine, but out in the fresh air and warm spring sunlight with the ponies… Well it is very easy to enjoy yourself and forget that you might be burning. 

Another beautiful day with lovely ponies and people. Horses are creatures of habit and today our usual routine with one of them was changed. We normally do some lunging or groundwork with him around lunchtime. Today we cracked on with other tasks. And thus when we went to fetch him out of the field later on he saw us from afar, kicked up his heels, and had a good old frolic towards the gate, where he endeavoured to put his head through the fence, ears pricked, so as to watch every step of our approach. And you know, that’s truly lovely. Because when a horse enjoys its work and says, “hey, why didn’t we play today?!” you can feel confident that you’re doing at least something right. 

Tidied most of my little boat last night, so it was nice to arrive home to a mellow and calm little space that had been warmed by the day’s sunshine. Then had a cup of tea and watched a video about healthy use of the horse’s back

All-in-all a pretty perfect day. 

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