Bring on the long weekend!

Bespoke, emails, photos, and sorting through more old samples for Holly to finish/embellish today. A couple of which we’ve allocated to lovely returning clients even though they’re not actually finished yet! Which, when you think about it, makes more sense than just finishing whichever ones we fancy and then finding buyers. Anyway, we’ve now got a couple more black underbusts listed (23″ and 25″ respectively), I just need to get the photos up in a moment. 

Having a second pair of hands in the studio is so helpful, I can’t even tell you. And, as you might already know, Holly is also a talented designer in her own right. Many gorgeous things on her facebook page right now, including a new crimson corset and a bespoke version of the Trinity ensemble. Stunning. 

It’s a long weekend! May Bank Holiday. I have friends coming down from Northumberland which is ace, though I will miss my usual Saturday fun at the stables. Going to have to take a proper weekend off. Which I don’t feel like I want to do (resting I mean, I do want to see my friends!), but I’m sure it’ll be a good thing. Will tidy the boat tomorrow (John might have friends visiting during the day too), and do a dance to the weather gods for some sunshine. Enjoy your weekend! 

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