When you realise you’ve done loads this month…

I have a diary this year, that I’m using to help direct and record developement on the personal side of things. Past few years I’ve only really kept frequent notes for the business. Which, being an artist, was also largely personal I suppose, and so it becomes very easy to forget all the other personal stuff that you might like to work on. 

Anyway, at the end of each month I look back on the good things that have happened. Well that’s the plan, I do invariably also note some of the negative things because I’m not someone who sees value in only living on one side or the other. At any rate, the point of this post is that when you sit down and write about the month gone, you realise just how much has happened!  

Yes, sewing in the studio as standard and responding to a million emails… But also other stuff. This month I’ve learned more about myself as a rider and more about the animals I help with. I’ve asked the farrier twenty questions to confirm and begin to broaden some of the basic knowledge that I have. I’ve begun self-directed research/study on horse anatomy and biomechanics, in prepation for a course that I would like to take, again to further my knowledge and thus ability to contribute and enjoy my hobby. We’ve decided on a timeline for shrinking our business to allow me to do these other things for a while, and have figured out a clever plan to make it happen accordingly. Helped catch a loose colt out at Birmingham Airport (one of five who, in the end, were apparently claimed back by their owner, though the details are sketchy), and managed to get in a couple of extra stables days to make up for missing this weekend on account of friends visiting. Spring cleaned the boat, cleared out some unused fabrics and other bits from the studio, had said friends visit this May Bank Holiday weekend, took the boat out for a spin for a few hours (first time since December), and learned that I can still remember how to manoeuvre and am actually pretty good at it. Continued reading about riding from various points of view (Erik Herbermann, Mary Wanless, Sylvia Loch, Heather Moffett), and outlined needed cashflow for the new tax year. Did some BHS theory, considered a new marina, managed to fit in some much needed relaxation too. 

So it’s sometimes very valuable to sit down and take stock. I was feeling like April had been a bit of a write-off (and, to be fair, I didn’t tick off many of the things I had planned to do), but actually it’s been full of good steps forwards. Sometimes things don’t happen in the order you expect or want, or on the timeline you want, but if it’s good then it’s good.  Big picture, and all that. 

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