It’s pouring down! There’s a small leak on my boat right now (well that’s inaccurate, it isn’t a leak, it’s a hole for the new stove’s flue, currently covered in plastic), so I expect to find a couple of puddles when I return home. No matter, that’s what towels are for. 

But yesterday was glorious. Sunshine and a breeze. My boyfriend’s dad visited the boat for the first time, so we took it out for a little spin. Saw a swan and some baby geese. Wore shorts! That’s how warm and pleasant it was. 

Stables (in the rain!) tomorrow. Student photoshoot (in which I’m both providing the location and taking pictures) on Thursday. Mini-shoot (to photograph a client’s bespoke corset on a model) on Friday. Really hoping for sunshine for the latter! The corset in question is the Blossom underbust, silvery tones like exotic bark, with rich pops of colour in the lace blossoms. We’re really loving this piece in the studio. 

I also have Holly cutting about a dozen varied corsets as part of our “year off” prep. I’m really excited for it, actually! I know that I need to keep my work trundling along if for no other reason than that I need to have some sort of regular creative outlet in my life. I get very stressed if I don’t exercise creativity in some way. And so the idea of having a period of time in which my business is smaller and sleeker, but still allows for the quirkiest of my creativity, is quite exciting. Imagine having two or three dozen corsets stowed away… many in colourful shades of silk duchess with beautiful structure and clean lines… then every so often, you scan through them and think, “yes, this one, today I will play with an idea in deepest ruby red!” Lush. I want to be more organised with my stash of embellishments once we reach that stage too. Perhaps a wooden box full of small glass jars, themselves full of crystals and pyrite beads and pearls. All the lovely things – a small, special, precious selection of the best bits – presented prettily, so that my work may be even more joyous and playful than it already is. I’m excited! 

Another aspect of the preparation is financial. If I’m going to afford horsey fun, exams, education, and living, I need to streamline my personal expenses alongside minimising my business. I today cleared my personal debts, which felt good. And was pleasantly surprised to discover that my balances were considerably lower than I thought they were (seems I had been “good” in the past and forgotten about it, thank you past-self). Next aim is to clear my business credit card balance, endeavour to find cheaper tariffs for things like the ipad, business insurance, website, etc., save up some monies, and continue finding homes for the bits I don’t want to keep/store. All while managing the usual/big business outgoings of course (rent, assistant, bills) and getting work actually done.

But I feel good about it all, positive and proactive. All fluttery, nervous, excited, butterflies. I had Holly cut out a butterfly-topline overbust in deep cyclamen pink today, slightly inspired by the piece we made for Lucy, rather apt. 

Lucy in the Cranberry Butterfly from 2012, photographed by me in 2014 when she visited the UK for the Oxford Conference of Corsetry. 
Lucy in the Cranberry Butterfly from 2012, photographed by me in 2014 when she visited the UK for the Oxford Conference of Corsetry. 

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