A week of ponies and pictures (but not combined together)

Tired and happy. The sun is shining. 

Lovely shoot today with BCU student Amy and her model Charlotte. Then began editing in the late afternoon. Proper images will be much more straight-forward, but you know me, I can’t resist a bit of blurry, quirky fun. Here’s one that was created with use of a chandelier crystal. 

I will also do a couple of portrait crops I reckon, since I always think it’s nice for the models to get portraits too. The one below is in 16/9, which I always love for the filmic, narrative quality it has. 

These two were photographed with a vintage Super-Paragon lens. Wider angle than I generally prefer (I like to be miles away with a zoom, getting shots of the model being a bit more natural rather than being right in their face), but I actually loved this lens today, it did me well. 

Mini-photoshoot tomorrow too. But we need to finish the corset in the morning first. We’ve not got much to do. 

Volunteering at the stables yesterday, as usual. I do love Wednesdays, though they’re a long day. The best intentions to go for a swim afterwards never turn into actual action. Was then kept awake for much of last night by my greedy CatFace, deciding that he wanted extra meals at odd times. No. He has a three tier “wake up the human” system. It begins with trills and meows whilst he jumps on you. Sometimes from the bed-side shelf, which is quite a thump. If that doesn’t work, he begins sliding a paw under the duvet and pricking you lightly with just the very tips of his claws. Enough to be annoying without hurting you, sneaky. If I’ve wrapped myself up tighter to avoid the jabs, and managed to ignore the mewing simply by virtue of being so tired I sleep through it, he then jumps onto the bed-side shelf, trills, and pulls out the porthole stopper. Light floods in and that, combined with more mews, trills, jabs, and jumps, wakes me up as I can’t sleep in a light room, it needs to be as dark as possible. He’s a fluffy bastard.

So I didn’t sleep brilliantly and have felt like I might just drift off at any point today. It’s not going to be an exciting post-work evening! Might watch some Horse&Country TV, doss around, get to bed early. 

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