Soot and Cracks

Karolina and Glo visited yesterday and we had much fun embellishing prints of some photos I had taken a little while back. Can’t show you anything as Karolina hasn’t yet shared the pics, but it was very exciting.

In the morning I had found an old black star necklace from years ago. Just a cheap bit of costume jewellery, but I’ve always liked it and it prompted a sea of stars in the pictures I embellished yesterday. Leather stars, black ink stars… Combined with scratches and burns and cracks. Thoroughly enjoyed it and love the way some of the pics turned out. Glo hit upon a clever technique of rubbing gold wax into cracks and burns, whilst Kari played with lots of luscious gold and silver leaf, creating additional texture with crystals and so on. 

It was quite a messy task, but we loved it! It reminded me that I’ve always wanted to get a big canvas print of Glo’s photo of Leah in the Strawberry Leopard and embellish it. Perhaps one day soon, before we downsize, I should do all those things I’d daydreamed about. 


2 thoughts on “Soot and Cracks

  1. You can still share one or two, I’m just not posting the whole lot yet because they’re too awesome as a whole and need to be released to the public in a grand fashion 😀


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