Lovely little photoshoot with Glo and Leah yesterday! I began sorting through the pics today, though I’ve not edited anything yet. Too tired, and I’ve still got a couple of emails to catch up with before the weekend. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Three shoots in two weeks, that’s quite a lot for me. And one of them was my first paid shoot, so that was exciting. 

Anyway, I thought I’d share a crop from last week when we photographed a client’s bespoke corset at her request. I’ve not had a chance to edit anything else yet, but I really need to get on top of it soon so that Judi can see how her gorgeous technicolor corset has turned out! 

Hannah, modelling the Blossoms underbust corset for our bespoke client Judi. Crimped hair!  
Hannah, modelling the Blossoms underbust corset for our bespoke client Judi. Crimped hair!  

I’ve put the full image on facebook, not that anyone much sees the facebook pages of small businesses anymore… This was taken on our vintage Helios, to get the swirly bokeh. Prettiness. I really need to get outside for some more shoots this Summer. Need to find more locations. Though, something that has sort of creeped up on me is that I’m less shy about being out and about taking photographs these days. Previously I’d have worried a little bit about people watching or telling us off(!) or whatever. So it’s good to feel less bothered now. Just crack on with it. 

We’re down to the last four Spring Clean corsets, plus last few bits of fabric and equipment, which is exciting. Though one of the corsets suffered an injury yesterday! But you know, though  it’s a shame to drop the price (that future pony won’t buy itself!), all it really means is that someone can snap up an even better bargain as I’ve dropped the price by £130, eek. 

In other news, our cat continues decimating the local rat population. Just for fun, he doesn’t eat them (often). When John throws said victims overboard he usually says, “we commit his body, etc.” But yesterday, he spontaneously created a poem especially for the occasion.  

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Our cat killed you,
Now he’s not fussed.

— John Hirst, daft boyfriend

Stables tomorrow! Possibly Sunday also. Next week I’m only working Tuesday and Friday. Then stables again, including attending the Kings Heath Show on Bank Holiday Monday. Then scooting off home soon after, to see my mama and brother (and old pony Fred) for a week and a bit. 

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