New challenges to enjoy

Applied for my provisional driving license today. Look at me, pretending to be a real human being! As ever, zero interest in driving… except that now that I’m back into horses it would be mighty useful. So we’ll see how I take to it. 

Studio today, with a nice intern (who I’ve given loads of study tasks to, so that she can learn more about patterning and construction) but no Holly as she’s twisted her ankle, silly thing! She was away in Rome last week too, on a surprise family holiday, loads of lovely pics on her Instagram and such. You can probably look forward to even more Catholicism-inspired highly embellished corsetry from her now! 

Have a sore throat and feel generally grim. But am fighting it off with drugs and orange juice! Too much on this week and next to be poorly. 

Stables tomorrow, then Preston on Thursday for a horsey Biomechanics clinic with my friend Amanda. Education, give it to me! Am expecting it to be well beyond my current knowledge level, which will be great. Love having my brain taxed. Studio Friday, Stables Saturday (possibly also Sunday), horse show on Monday, studio again Tuesday, then on a holiday of sorts for a couple of weeks! Going to see my mama up North. Hoping for sunshine and dog walks and country shows. But might have to leave a couple of days later than originally planned as I’ve fallen a bit behind on work. Ah you know… I love my work and I love my clients, but I’m looking forward to doing it all in a smaller way from December. Having fallen so much in love with horses again (actually, I can’t  pretend I ever wasn’t in love with them, but self-denial does give you a lot of time to do other things), I really just need more time to be outdoors and covered in mud. It’s an interesting transitional time, this. 

I enquired about the distance course that I’m interested in. Equine Therapy & Rehab. They reckon I meet the entry requirements, which is exciting, so the next step is to save some pennies and perhaps sign up for just one or two modules at first to see if I take to it. Though, no point signing up just yet, it’s not like I have the free time. Actually, that said, I’m already doing a couple of hours self-directed study each week into anatomy, physiology and biomechanics in a bid to prepare myself, and the course gives you up to 30 months to complete everything. So perhaps I should just sign up as soon as I have the cashflow, but then let the learning happen very slowly whilst still juggling my studio and such. Will figure it out. 


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