We have a lot on…

The other day my intern said that I do quite a lot. I don’t feel like I do, but maybe she’s right. At the moment I do certainly have that feeling of being behind that one always has after a holiday! 

I have so many pictures to catch up with… I’ve not yet had a chance to sit down and play with the pics I took of lovely Leah Axl last month or to crack on with more of the Blossom underbust in our local “jungle”, but at least I got a few more done of Karolina’s lingerie today. Have begun using a wireless mouse though (just cheap and cheerful) since my laptop’s trackpad has been slowly ceasing to work recently. Finding the mouse pretty awkward as I’m no longer used to them, but hey ho. Still faster than clicking five times in minutely different parts of the trackpad just to get one click that works. 

Hoped to see a friend this weekend, but in the end it didn’t happen. So I ended up toddling off to the Three Counties Show by myself and took an unreasonable number of slow-mo video snippets. New phone, you see. My lord, the quality is amazing… and since I’m trying to educate myself further on equine biomechanics, looking at stuff in slow-mo is really eye-opening. A walk might look mostly okay, but in slow-mo you can see that it’s gone lateral. A canter might seem sound, but in slow-mo you can see that the front hoof of the diagonal pair is touching down far in advance of its corresponding hind. And on the purely aesthetic side of things, there’s something interesting about seeing a beastie’s muscles rippling as it powers by! 

So that’s great for that. But what about work? In what context might slow-mo (or its flip-side, time-lapse) be interesting for corsetry? Perhaps you might like to see time-lapse of some embellishment? Or a model twirling or being laced up in slow motion? I’ll have to give it some thought. 

I chilled on Sunday. Cafe, study, gym, relaxing and reading. Well, until the evening when I ended up on a 10 mile walk in the rain. Just seemed appealing, all of a sudden, some fresh air and a good leg stretcher. Monday was lovely too, had a horsey friend visit and we chilled out along the canals and then on the boat all evening. 

In other boat news, we have a futon! Exciting, I know. We need to unpack it and see if it fits, haha. Should also be getting a couple of repairs done next month, so I’m looking forward to being a step further along with the refurb. 

Today in the studio (lord this post is all over the place), we’ve had two interns who have been a great help working with lace and such. Holly’s been cutting and preparing a bespoke piece in silk, amongst other things, and I’ve been doing various admin and bits and bobs and managed to fit in a fun task too (painting a bit of lace in deep blue tones for a client’s Scarab corset). Cannot wait to be embellishing that piece! The colours are very rich (shades of blues with electra beetle wings and blossoms lace) but we have touches of gold which just elevates it. If you remember the sampler that I shared a snap of a while ago, you’ll know what I mean. It’s going to be glorious. 

Meanwhile, I’m having to say “yes!” to some opportunities and “no…” to others. It’s that whole “opportunity cost” thing again, you can’t say yes to everything. So, magazine call-ins and photoshoot garment loans are sadly a no. New interns are a no. Private students are, sometimes, a yes. Bespoke corsets are, depending on the project, a yes. But we’re reaching the stage where bridal requests will have to be judged carefully.  

There’s only so much time available before our “year off”… and we’ve a lot to achieve in that time. Finishing current orders (a couple of which are waiting on toile fitting photos, can’t proceed without those), preparing the “year off” corsets, fitting in a few more orders, selling older samples, fabrics, etc., finding custodians for our equipment, sorting out the studio, throwing some stuff away… and all at the same time as doing other life stuff, enjoying the ponies, progressing with the boat, etc. etc.

Anyway, it’s all great and good fun, just a lot to think about. Which is perhaps why I’ve recently begun reading trashy crime novels again, to switch my brain off for a little rest! 


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