Trying to use time wisely

I was sorting out some pics and just thought to myself how pleased I was with 2015. It was a really nice and good year, both personally and professionally, and I feel that the designs we created (and the shoots we did, especially at the castle) are the best I’ve done yet. 

That’s a nice feeling, obviously! And it’s part of why I’m looking forward to downsizing for a year. To have the freedom to try to do work that matches things like Falling Blossoms and Pyrite. It’s the side of corsetry that interests me most and I feel like it’s an area I can actually contribute to, but it does require a certain amount of head-space. Other people excel in other areas. Such is the great thing about any industry, there are many distinctive niches to play around in and find the place that you can achieve your aims. 

Helen Teiman in the Pyrite corset. Sitting in a wooden bath tub that, according to legend, belonged to some rather famous people in the past. 
Helen Teiman in the Pyrite corset. Sitting in a wooden bath tub that, according to legend, belonged to some rather famous people in the past. 

In other news, this week continues to be pretty tiring. Stables ended up being a long day yesterday. Excitingly, there are a few broken old saddles that are beyond saving, so I will hopefully be getting one or two of those to take apart and explore. I also fancy doing a photoshoot with saddles filling the background though, I need to ask about that possibility. And then make a corset, haha. Can’t do a shoot without a shiny garment involved! 

We’ve had some lovely pewter lace trim arrive today, very pretty. Holly’s pleating some into little rosettes right now. And the interns are exploring patterning by making cute little paper mock-ups from antique corset patterns in some of our books. But truly, I’m just exhausted today, ha, the brain has switched off. Training tonight (a class on child protection for the stables), studio tomorrow, ponies Saturday, private corsetry tuition on Sunday (plus I’m going to try to sort through some of the personal junk I have in the studio, old notebooks and folders and such), then hopefully popping up to the Lake District on Monday to see a couple of friends. 

In other news, facebook really is becoming a ghost town in terms of actually communicating with people on small business pages. It’s been a wonderful platform, but these days it’s pretty useless for my brand. I keep on updating it anyway as I just enjoy it, but it’s less enjoyable when you’re talking to an empty room. Can’t decide what to do with it. Deleting seems pointless, updating seems pointless, but a never-updated page just seems sad somehow! And though I do know that direct mailing lists are the best from a business point of view, I do enjoy the interaction of social media. Instagram is still very much alive, but I mostly use it for personal stuff these days and that’s how I like it. I suppose I’ll trundle along as I am, maybe structure it so that facebook/twitter is updated once per day (hurrah for scheduling), use my instagram however I like, aim to use MailChimp once per month, and update the blog whenever I like (since it’s essentially a diary). That shouldn’t be too draining on available time, I guess? 

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