So I’m struggling to work today, distracted and depressed by the EU leave/remain referendum result. The pound has dropped instantly, so on the “positive” side it means any of my international buyers will get a good bargain if paying for anything today… It also means my supplies and bills will go up and up as the world economy figures out what to do with us, which is less positive. I have a lot of friends in small creative businesses who are now worried about the future. It’s not as though most of us have a lot of wiggle room or a safety net behind us, after all. I imagine a fair few people will just pack their businesses up, give up on that life. 

It was a close vote. Only 52% voting “leave”. Largely doing so based on media/politic lies and falsities about immigration/economics, and completely ignoring the facts from people who are actually educated in this stuff. We almost had the right outcome. But 52% is enough isn’t it. Scotland voted wisely and surely must push for another stab at independence since they so clearly aren’t represented by Britain at large. But as an English/British person, it’s all rather depressing. The temptation to abandon ship is strong. But once we’re no longer in Europe, will we be welcome anywhere? 

I don’t really have an “in other news” or “on the bright side” today. Feeling thoroughly distracted. 

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